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Franking made easy


This article will discuss a few ways franking can save your business time and money. 

For any cost-conscious business, franking mail is an easy and definite way to save money. This guide will introduce you to the idea of franking and suggest a few things to look out for before making a decision. 

You can purchase or rent a franking machine for as little as £14.99 per month to:

• Save time- eliminate time consuming trips to the post office to buy stamps – with a franking machine all the supplies you need to post mail are at your fingertips
• Save money – franking mail is significantly cheaper than stamping, as shown by the table below
• Create a professional image – franking mail gives your customers a much professional impression. You can even reinforce brand recognition with your company logo on every letter!

How to save?

Here is a basic chart comparing franking and stamping costs

As you can see, the savings on stamps a franking machine offers are quite significant. We've worked out that if you spend something like £60 on postage per month a franking machine is likely to save you money. Just give us a call on 01189 519 800 to talk to a specialist to see how much you could save.

Where can I buy a Royal Mail approved and accredited Franking machine?

The franking machine market can be confusing at the best of times, and figuring out where to buy an official franking machine is the first step in making your choice. But being accredited by the Royal Mail often just isn't enough. All franking machines need an annual service – the cost of which from some suppliers is hidden at the start of the contract.

Unlike other suppliers of Franking Machines, Twofold employ a team of nationwide engineers. This means that from purchase to service, you only deal with Twofold – no third party engineers means no hidden costs.

How much do franking machines cost?

It can be very difficult to try to get an idea of how much Franking Machines actually cost. Often ‘the big four’ suppliers seem unnervingly reluctant to publish their prices. In reality, franking machine costs should be very straight forward and easy to understand.

For instance, Twofold offer two buying options: 

• Buy a machine outright excluding maintenance
• Lease a machine on a yearly basis including maintenance

At Twofold franking machines are leased on a yearly basis and start at just £14.99 per month, while you can purchase a machine outright for as little as £549. Unlike most other suppliers, we make franking an easily accessible mailroom solution for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. 

Where can I buy supplies for my Franking Machine?

As you can imagine, there are a dizzying amount of Franking Machine consumables suppliers in the UK. Here are a list of the main consumables used by Franking Machines and a few tips when thinking of buying them.

Ink – if possible avoid refilled ink cartridges as faults arising from them are generally not covered under any maintenance contract

Labels- Some franking machines only use a particular size or type of label which is worth checking out before purchasing.

What to watch out for

There are a few things to watch out for when trying to find the right franking machine for you:

• Maintenance – the Royal Mail stipulates that every franking machine in the UK must be serviced once per year. Often this cost is not discussed at the beginning of the contract and later sprung on the customer. At Twofold all of our rental or lease contracts include this service.
• Topping up – make sure the machine you go for has a smart meter. Smart meters allow you to top up your machine with credit using a LAN cable for free. If the machine is not smart meter enabled, often you will be charged to call an automated line to top up credit.
• Customer service – it’s always worth checking out the customer service line for a service provider before going ahead – often these lines are completely automated . Go for a company with a manned customer service line to save extra stress should a problem arise. Try doing a google search for complaints relating to your potential franking machine provider!

If you've found this guide helpful and would like to find out more, call 0118 9519 800 or email info@twofold.co.uk.

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