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Franking Machine FAQ


Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can frank?
No, there are no restrictions on minimum or maximum postage volumes. All the postage discounts that you get for franked mail are on a per item basis, so no matter how much or how little you send, you still qualify for discounts on your post.

What can I frank with a franking machine?
Franking machines can be used to post most items, including:
  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Recorded Delivery
  • Special Delivery
  • Cleanmail
  • Mailsort
  • ParcelForce Worldwide Services
  • International / Airmail
You can also use franked impressions to pay for lots of other Royal Mail services such as Business Collections and one-off collections.

How do I choose a franking machine?
Franking machines vary from the more simple, low-volume machines to larger, automated machines which will recognise the size, weight and thickness of your mail. The machine that will be best for you will depend on the type and quantities of mail you are posting.

Do I need a SMART machine?
A SMART franking machine allows you to reclaim your VAT, and is essential if your company uses Royal Mail VAT-able Products. All Twofold’s TFm range are SMART machines, and will be suitable for these services.

Do I need a Mailmark machine?
A Mailmark franking machine allows you to print 'Mailmark' franks, which use a bar code in lieu of the town die on a traditional frank. This is a part of the Royal Mail's attempts to digitise their systems, and Mailmarks are 1-2p cheaper per letter. Although this is obviously more beneficial for users sending high volumes of letters, it is likely that Mailmarks will become progressively cheaper compared to franks in the future, as the Royal Mail will want to encourage more people to use the newer system. If you want a future-proof mailroom solution, Mailmark franking machines are the way forward.

Can I pay funds by cheque?
Yes, though you will still have to complete the MCB form and sign the additional Credifon
information part of the mandate, we will also need a cheque from the customer.

Is franking suitable for me/ my company?
If you are are looking for a quick and easy way to manage your mail that can save you time and money while projecting a more professional image of your company - then franking is for you. It’s cost effective and easy to use, with a range of different options – and because you can pay for credit as and when you need it, you’re in complete control of your postage.

Franking machines are used by a wide range of organisations, including large corporations,government organisations and universities - as well as small and medium size businesses and sole

What are your hours of operation?
Twofold customer support is open Monday-Friday from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

How can I change my billing/delivery address?
Please email support@twofold.co.uk or send us a letter to inform us of the address change.

I need to order some consumables (ink, labels, felts and brushes etc.) for my machine, how do I do this?
Please email the customer support team at support@twofold.co.uk

How long will it take to receive my consumable order?
We have most items in stock. Providing we receive your order request before 3.30pm we aim to
get these out in the same day on a next day delivery service.

There have been a number of staff changes and I need some training for new staff on
the Twofold machine. How can I arrange this?
We always have engineers on the road ready to offer training, just call our customer support team on 0118 951 9800 to book a session.

Can I get another copy of the user/installation guide for our machine?
Copies of the user and installation guides are available from our customer support team. Please contact them if you would like to receive another copy.

How can I get my old equipment picked up?
Please call our customer support team to discuss the best options for picking up old machinery.

I printed the wrong amount of postage with my Franking Machine. Can I receive a refund for this?
Yes, you can obtain a claim form by contacting the Royal Mail on 08457 740740

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