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Announcement - Twofold is Now an Official Business Solutions Dealer of Lexmark


Twofold provide and support physical, digital and hybrid mailroom solutions;

We are pleased to announce we are now an official BSD partner of Lexmark which means that our product line up to support a documents lifecycle from its origination to its retirement is now complete.

Although we have supported and maintained printers, scanners and multifunction devices for many years we have never before included all of them in our product offering.

This has changed now with the release of the specialist Lexmark BSD range of products that we feel fully complement our offer and enhance the range of efficiencies and savings we can bring to your business.

Twofold were the first and one of only two diamond partners of Kofax in the UK, therefore when Lexmark acquired Kofax earlier this year it was a natural step to form a partnership with them to enable us to provide the most complete mailroom solution line up in the industry.

As a Company that strives to reduce the amount of wasted energy and materials within our customers businesses we are working with the Carbon Neutral Company to move towards Carbon Neutral printing for every Lexmark printer we sell.
With the Lexmark Multifunction devices we will help you to reduce your paper and become more efficient but if you do need to print, our aim is to try and offset the Carbon footprint.

Carbon Offsets give an immediate, measurable and cost-effective way to cut your emissions and support essential projects that wouldn’t otherwise happen. Every page you print produces an amount of carbon and we want to return that to the environment through carbon offsets.

Twofold strive to be the best in the industry and we believe our partners Kofax, Hyland and Lexmark have the same philosophy.

Gartner rate Lexmark as a leader in
Managed Print and Content Services – 3 years running!
Enterprise Content Management – 2014
Enterprise Search Solutions – 2014

Lexmark Printers and Multi-Function Devices are in our opinion the best of the breed. 

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