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5 Ways to Save Money with a Folder Inserter


This guide will show some of the ways a Folder Inserter can be a benefit to your business. Folder Inserter machines are more reasonable to rent or purchase than you may think, with rentals starting from just £69.95 per month. Even the entry level Twofold TFi-35 can fold documents, insert them and seal envelopes for up to 1350 letters per hour.

Free up valuable staff time

The average person can fold, insert and seal up to 100 envelopes per hour. The quality of insertion decreases as the number of items to be folded and inserted increases. Let’s be honest, it’s not a fun job for anyone to have to do. This can is a very time consuming process which is not cost effective. With even an entry level Twofold folder inserter, the TFi-35, you can process your mail over 13 times faster than folding and inserting by hand and staff are free to complete more valuable tasks.

Take Advantage Of The Lowest Royal Mail Rates

If you fold your A4 size documents into DL or C5 envelopes as opposed to putting A4 documents straight into C4 envelopes, you can save on your postal costs by qualifying for the less expensive 'Letter Tariff', saving you 31p on each first class item mailed. If you are also using a franking machine, you can save an extra 17p per item. These savings become more substantial when you are processing larger amounts of mail.

If your average mailshot is 1000 items and you just posted your A4 sheets in C4 envelopes and stamped them, the cost would be £930. If you folded these items into C5 envelopes and franked them, the cost for the same 1st Class service would be just £500.

By folding and inserting your A4 sheets into C5 envelopes and 1st class franking them, it is £430 cheaper than posting your A4 sheets in C4 envelopes and 1st class stamping them.

Automate Your Workflow

Save even more time by linking a Twofold Folder Inserter with a Twofold Franking Machine, giving you an efficient end to end process. This solution offers you a more productive, efficient and cost effective.

Make Money with Every Mailing

Not only will folder  save you time and money, they can also make more money for you. By inserting additional promotional marketing material into your regular mail, you can easily boost sales and transform the value of your business communications. Mailing campaigns are easy to complete and made much more cost effective with a folder inserter.

Simple to Operate

The unique Load n' Go facility on Twofold’s Folder Inserters ensure that even inexperienced operators, with minimal training, can complete mailing runs. The touch screen display is very simple and easy to use, and includes a mailing wizard to help users set up new mailing jobs with little to no experience.

If you want to save money and achieve crisp, precise folds, accurately collated inserts and correctly positioned addresses in window envelopes from day one, please contact Twofold on 0118 9519 800 or email info@twofold.co.uk.

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