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Royal Mail 2nd Class Small Parcels Promotion


From the 20th October 2014 until the 18th January 2015, the Royal Mail will be running a promotion on small parcels for franking machine users. This promotion will apply to 2nd Class Standard and Signed For small parcels services, for items weighing 1-2kg. For franking machine users, this will mean that there is a new small parcel size which includes both a ‘wide option’ and a ‘deep option’.

Standard 1-2kg 2nd Class Small Parcel currently £3.50, will be £2.50
Signed For 2nd Class 1-2kg Small Parcel currently £4.60, will be £3.60

Franking machine users will be able to access the promotional prices dependent upon their machine type:

TFm MailMark Machines - A major feature of Mailmark technology is that all machines must carry the correct Royal Mail tariffs. We will therefore download the latest tariff table to these machines which will include the promotional prices.  All machines will receive a further tariff download before January which will ensure that prices appropriately revert back to pre-October 20th tariffs when this promotion finishes.  We are happy to state that there will be no charge for these promotional downloads on this occasion.

TFm SMART Machines (non-MailMark) - We will not be downloading any amended prices onto these machines for this promotion. Customers are advised to continue franking their 2nd class small parcels using their current tariff and will be reimbursed the price difference through a rebate scheme. Through SMART technology Credifon will be able to see how many parcels have been sent and then reimburse accordingly by direct payment into your MCB Credifon account.

Jet + Range - We will not be issuing amended cards or chips for the Jet + machine range. Customers with these machines are advised to enter the promotional prices for these small parcel products manually.

This new small parcels offer is the first of many Royal Mail promotions designed to help franking users save even more money on their postage costs.

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