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Signature Plate


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To purchase a new or replacement signature plate:

Additional duplicate plates can be purchased at the point of order, at an additional rate of 250 for contract customers and 350 for non-contract customers.

Once you have chosen which Service Level you would like to take advantage of, please complete the following Signature form and post it to us at Twofold Ltd, 77 Milford Road, Berkshire, RG1 8LG along with the following:

  • Completed signature form

  • Photocopy of your current signature plate (if possible). This is so we can establish the position of signature on the plate

  • A void sample of each style of stationery that will be used with the signature (please state if you would like these returned to you). This is so that we can be sure the signature is of correct size and positioned correctly on the plate

  • An official order from a senior contact confirming signatures are true and correct

  • Additional line of text or Company logo can be added at an additional cost of 200 (contract) or 300 (no contract) per line

If your current plate does not have the added security feature of fingerprint background, this can be added at no extra cost.

To purchase a signature plate or for more information please contact Twofold Customer Support on 0118 951 9800, alternatively please email support@twofold.co.uk