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Kodak PS50 Picture Saver

Price: £789.00 (excl VAT)

Price: £946.80 (incl VAT)

The Kodak Picture Saver PS50 is a high quality duplex (double-sided) scanning solution offering scanning speeds of 50 photos per minute with a document feeder for 50 photos. Specifically designed to achieve the highest possible quality photo scans, the PS50 allows the user to scan and sharpen photos before saving them as JPEG image files – ready to search through or organise on your computer. With its host of intelligent image enchancing tools, the Kodak PS50 brings old or faded pictures back to life and organises them in a way that suits you.

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Kodak PS50 Picture Saver from Twostore

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  • Speed 50 pages per minute
  • Min Paper Size A7
  • Max Paper Size A4
  • Colour Mode Colour, Greyscale, Black & White
  • Scanning Mode Simplex
  • Daily capacity 1,000
  • Feeder capacity 50
  • Interface USB
  • Type Sheet Feed
  • Drivers TWAIN