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Canon DR-C225

Price: £271.00 (excl VAT)

Price: £325.20 (incl VAT)

The Canon DR-C225 is Canon's latest J-Path entry level document scanner. The DR-C225 has a totally new and upgraded system allowing the user to scan to Evernote, Google Docs, Sharepoint or Dropbox. The J-path on the DR-C225 is ideal for busy departments and small office desktops, offering unbeatable space efficiency. Capable of scanning pages in a resolution of
600dpi, the DR-C225 scans at a rate of 25 double sided documents per minute.
The factor that makes this scanner stand apart from its competitors is the
inclusion ISIS and TWAIN system drivers. The DR-C225 is ultra-versatile,
allowing the user to position it flat on the desk as well as in J-path
formation for thicker documents or embossed card.


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Canon DR-C225 from Twostore

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  • Speed 25 pages per minute
  • Min Paper Size A8
  • Max Paper Size A4
  • Colour Mode Colour, Greyscale, Black & White
  • Scanning Mode Duplex
  • Daily Capacity 1,500
  • Feeder Capacity 30
  • Interface USB
  • Type Sheet feed
  • Drivers ISIS,TWAIN