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Canon Flatbed Unit 201

Price: £659.00 (excl VAT)

Price: £790.80 (incl VAT)

The Canon Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 is an optional high speed A3 scanner unit for Canon’s DR range of document scanners. This is the perfect addition for a scanning set up which is occasionally tasked with making high quality scans of A3 documents. Canon’s Flatbed 201 offers scanning speeds of up to 17 A3 pages per minute. A fantastic way to incorporate A3 scanning into your workplace on a budget!

The Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 is compatible with any of the following Canon document scanners: DR-C130, DR-M140, DR-M160, DR-6010C, DR-6030C, DR-G1100, DR-G1130, DR-X10C. However, Canon plan to release scanners in the future which are compatible with the 201.

Please note that the Flatbed Unit 101 will not work independently and requires one of the above document scanners for use.
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Canon Flatbed Unit 201 from Twostore

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A word from Canon...

High performance to boost your productivity
Canon’s Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 offers high speed A3 scanning of up to 3.5sec at 200dpi. It’s quick to get going thanks to Canon’s LED light source technology, which means no warm up time is needed. Once connected to a DR-scanner you can take advantage of high speed batch scanning alongside fast A3 flatbed scanning. That’s vital time saving and increased productivity in one.

Versatile media handling
The A3 Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 is ideal for scanning a wide range of media including books, ledgers and fragile documents – perfect for Government offices, libraries, the construction industry and general office departments.

Extend the power of your DR-scanner with a seamless scanning operation
The seamless connectivity between Canon imageFORMULA scanners and the Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 enables greater scanning control when optimising both ADF and flatbed capture in a single operation. Scan in multiple formats into a single document file and send directly to various output destinations including email, folders and popular data management applications with ease. Intelligent communication between scanners means the A3 Flatbed will start scanning if it detects there is no paper in the document feeder of the DR-scanner when connected.

Enhancing your control with advanced image processing
The Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 incorporates a range of advanced image processing features, including the smart ambient light cancelling mode that enables users to scan with the lid open and still deliver high-quality images. This is a valuable productivity-booster when needing to scan large volumes at speed. Furthermore, it inherits the image processing features of the DR-scanner such as auto page size detection, deskew and MultiStream – helping you to maintain the consistency of high quality scans every time.

Compact, stylish and robust
The Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 features a slim, elegant and compact design, while its footprint is only slightly larger than an A3 piece of paper. So it’s equally well suited to a permanent place on the desktop or easy storage when not in use.