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Panasonic KV-4085CW

Price: £5,473.00 (excl VAT)

Price: £6,567.60 (incl VAT)

The Panasonic KV-S4085CW is an efficient and fast document scanner featuring a host of intelligent paper protection features to increase productivity in the workplace. Able to scan documents any size from business cards up to A3 pages, Panasonic’s KV-S4085CW is the ideal scanner for any workgroup with a need to scan up to 50,000 pages per day. Free up your precious time with scanning speeds of up to 100 pages per minute and an automated document feeder for up to 300 pages. The automated document feeder groups and aligns different documents to the left or the right side of the tray so they can be scanned straight in without sorting them manually. Combining a feeder which sorts and aligns documents with Panasonic’s new intelligent feed control, which can adjust the rollers to ensure optimal feed condition, the KV-S4085CL is Panasonic’s flagship A4 document scanner for busy workgroups and departments.

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Panasonic KV-4085CW from Twostore

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  • Speed 100 pages per minute
  • Min Paper Size A8
  • Max Paper Size A3
  • Colour Mode Colour, Greyscale, Black & White
  • Scanning Mode Duplex
  • Daily Capacity 50000
  • Feeder Capacity 300
  • Interface USB
  • Type Sheet feed
  • Drivers ISIS, TWAIN