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Franking Machines


Discontinued - Replaced with TFm-280C

Save up to 38% on postage costs with a TFm-240. The TFm-240 is the perfect choice for the small business, offering advanced features at a low cost. Its compact design and easy operation enables the TFm-240 to fit perfectly into any small office.

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TFm-240 from Twostore

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  • Max. Daily Usage Up to 50
  • Letters Per Minute 20
  • Weigh Platforms 2kg
  • International Rates No
  • Cartridge Impressions 2,500
  • Max. Envelopes Thickness 8mm
  • Differential Weighing No
  • Job Memory 5
  • Departments 1
  • L/H/D 316/194/225mm