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Kodak i2420

Price: £396.00 (excl VAT)

Price: £475.20 (incl VAT)

The small size of the Kodak i2420, i2620 and i2820 makes the series extremely desktop-friendly. With their unique stow-or-go-design the Kodak i2000 scanners take up even less space when you’re not scanning.

The i2000 document scanners are designed to save you time and money and get your business flowing faster, regardless of your industry. Ideal for desktop and distributed or decentralised scanning the Kodak i2000 series is used in numerous industries such as banks and financial institutions, insurance, healthcare, government and more.


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Kodak i2420 from Twostore

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  • Speed 40 pages per minute
  • Min Paper Size A7
  • Max Paper Size A4
  • Colour Mode Colour, Greyscale, Black & White